Hot Rotation

Hot Rotation

Deine Lieblingshits bei uns

von morgen – schon heute auf afk max!

Unsere neuen Titel in der KW 25:

(Titel – Interpret)
Leap Of Youth – Building Everland
Yeah Pain – Double Crush Syndrome
Everybody’s Trying To Steal Your Heart – Fast Romantics
United – Harem Scarem
Easy Live – Jamaram
Sea Calls Me Home – Julia Holter
Wunderkerzenmenschen – Lea
Meet My Maker – Life Of Agony
Disco – Little Eye
Guardian Angel – Lovex
All The Angels – Madlife
Good Times – Mando Diao
There For You – Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan
Punk Rock Radio – Nervous Germans
Lifting Off – Quinn Sullivan
Bora Bora Bora – Scooter
Zeit Verschwenden – SDP
Yammaiere – Sismica
Wasted Too Much Time – Steel Panther
Never Go Home – Tequila Mockingbyrd
Domino – The Night Flight Orchestra
Haters – TLC
Lookin After No 1 – Tote Hosen & Bob Geldorf
Wolf In Cheap Clothes – Tracer
Devil Dancer – Warrant
Feuerwerk – Wincent Weiss

Unsere neuen Titel in der KW 24:

(Titel – Interpret)
Paradise Circus – Abay
Little Hollywood – Alle Farben feat. Janieck
Backdoor Man Five To One – Balkun Brothers
Stone Cold Love – Biters
How This Story Ends Is Not Real – Black Rabbit
InstruMetal – Bonfire
No Shore To Come – Death By Chocolate
Systematic – DJ Shadow feat. Nas
Draft – DNKL
Taillight – Drive Like Maria
Not Going Home – DVBBS & CMC$ feat. Gia Koka
Hot 2 Touch – Felix Jaehn feat. Hight & Alex Aiono
Want You Back – Haim
Raven Wing – Iced Earth
I Got You – Jake Isaac
Coming Over – James Hersey
Do You Love Me – Jay Sean
First Time – Kygo feat. Ellie Goulding
Das Geld Muss Weg – Marteria
Heaven – Pvris
Emerald Sword – Rhapsody Of Fire
American Band – The Dead Daisies
Welcome To The Show – The Nights
Candy Donamara – The Sigourney Weavers
Heartbreak Alley – Thomas Wynn & The Believers
Civil Isolation – While She Sleeps

Unsere neuen Titel in der KW 23:

(Titel – Interpret)
Springfield – Anathema
High Class Woman (Live) – Blues Pills
L.A. On My Mind – BNQT
27 Cats – Building Everland
Quit – Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande
You And Me – Farmer Boys
Why We Fight – Fast Romantics
Altenburg – Hellmut Hattler feat. Tab Two
Back In A Day – Jamaram
Children – Labyrinth
A Place Where There’s No More Pain – Life Of Agony
Too Much Love – Little Cub
Anyone Anymore – Lovex
Cry (Live) – Lynn Anderson
Voices On The Radio – Mando Diao
The Wake Of Your Life – Mew
Line Of Sight – Odesza feat. Wynne & Mansionair
April Showers – Royal Thunder
Halo – Starset
Anything Goes – Steel Panther
I Smell Rock N‘ Roll – Tequila Mockingbyrd
Roses – Texas Flood
Gemini – The Night Flight Orchestra
Stable Substitution – The Variety Show
Voodoo Woman – Wasted
Kaleidoscope – We Invented Paris

Unsere neuen Titel in der KW 22:

(Titel – Interpret)
I Have A Dream – Abay
Love Like Poison -Adrenaline Rush
Bofou Safou – Amadou & Mariam
Blau – Amanda feat. Sido
Answers From Hell – Black Rabbit
Welcome To The Jungle – Bloodsucking Zombies From Outta Space
Stand Up 4 Rock – Bonfire
Wild Child 24 – Crazy Lixx
Revolt – Farmer Boys
Warum Spielt Meine Großmama Posaune – Geraldino
Palmen Am Balkon – Granada
Vom Selben Stern – Hayseed Dixie
Nothing – Itchy
Mein Mädchen War Mein Dealer – Max Kretzenbacher
Mich Hat Ein Engel Geküsst – Mickie Krause
Moonlight Shadow – Moonband
Buried Alive – One Desire
Ich Verkaufe Meinen Körper – Peter Wackel
Lichterloh – Pohlmann
Something For Me – Quinn Sullivan
Back To The Earth – Starset
Flatfoot Sam (Live) – The Blues Band
Song And A Prayer – The Dead Daisies
Danny Has A Date – The Sewer Rats
A Violent Noise – The XX
Almost Mine – Wankelmut feat. Charlotte OC